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NEM 362 Coupler Pocket Adapters & Kits

Connecting System

With the RIBU®-Train – Connecting system, Rietze offers a well proved coupling system allowing to run HO model trains buffer to buffer like in original.

Ideally suited to use as replacement units where NEM pockets are preferred and where height adjustment may also be needed. We would suggest that you try the product and satisfy yourself with their precision and quality. It also offers flexibility for conversion of old passenger and freight car coupling system to NEM based system.

For installation & details of each adapter/kit item, please click on the relevant item in the right column.

Converting older cars:
The replacement in older units is also very simple.
For example see steps 1-4 below, that show the conversion  process that can be done using either #503 or #504 kits:

Step 1.
First define the correct coupling shaft. If our part number 85503 KKD is too large you can use part number 85504 SKD.
Now you have to create enough space on the base of the car. It might be required that you have to mill a plane cut out. Make sure there is enough space in height for the axle.

Step 2.
If this has been completed, the motion link box should fit in (as shown on the picture)
Now you can fit in the coupling system.

Step 3.
Now you place the motion link box into the cut out you have made before. Insert the NEM coupler pocket on to the motion link (blue coloured on the picture). In the packing box of the set P/N 85504 SKD you will find a gauge, to be used as coupling head, to adjust the coupling system. The cinematic is correctly adjusted when the two cut outs on the gauge are resting on the track and the gauge touches the buffers. At this time you can glue the link bock on to the car.
Step 4.
After the blue is hardened, you can assemble the cinematic. The picture shows you how it should look like.

Bear in mind, that the exceeding fixture pins needs to be cut off.

Views 1-3 on the right show two freight cars using a RIBU VKK 501
(# 85501) couplers in NEM pockets.

 85501   H0 

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Item # 85502 (RI 502)
Each Packet contains 5 Coupler Pockets

Item # 85503 (RI 503)
Each Packet contains One Pair

Spezial Kupplungsdeichsel
Item # 85504 (RI 504)
Each Packet contains One Pair

Click here to see a sample installation
of a #504 Kit

Verbindungsstück f. NEM 362
Item # 85505 (RI 505)

Each Packet contains 4 Pieces

Vorentkuppelnde Kurzkupplung
Item # 85501 (RI 501)
Special Order
Not In Stock

* The yellow, blue and white colors of the components as shown in Installation steps 1 - 4 are for explanatory convenience. The real items are all manufactured in black.

Click here to see an example of installation of a #504 Kit